25 Staples

My latest post on Hijacked Amygdala is a collaboration with Ashley Lily Scarlett, inspired by one of her photographs. Take a look, and while you’re there, please click through to her sites where she posts some fantastic work.

You can find her work for Hijacked Amygdala <here>. She also blogs at Syncopated Eyeball,Between Scarlett and Guest, and strata of the self.

hijacked amygdala

WP-HA-25Staples 25 Staples – by Ashley Lily Scarlett

A collaboration …

Image by Ashley Lily Scarlett who posts here on Hijacked Amygdala, and also blogs at Syncopated Eyeball, Between Scarlett and Guest, and strata of the self.

Words by me.

When I was twelve, Dad’s work took me from our small town home in Nevada, to the city of Detroit. We rented a run-rundown house just off 8 Mile Road, neglected and dirty, but Dad said it was cheap. The backyard was huge with a big oak tree in one corner, off of which hung a double-width swing suspended on thick ropes. I sat on that swing, alone, most days.

When I was thirteen, as a gawky boy from the dust of Mojave, I found it impossible to make friends. Kids used to either beat on me or ignore me. Then Macie moved in next door with her Mom and Dad. She was even more weird…

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