28 thoughts on “Project Me: #1

  1. Two swear words in one post! 😉
    I like this image. I have another blog where I curate self portraits: http://strataoftheself.wordpress.com
    Would you give me permission to share this there? Credit given and a link back to here and Hijacked Amygdala. 🙂
    Written pieces are included too, so if you have a wee memoirish thingy, I could share that too – separately or together with this image.


    1. strataoftheself is great. Love the posts on there. How do you go about contributing? Can one submit, or is it purely you collecting from already posted “stuff”?


      1. Usually I search for things. Mostly because I really wouldn’t like saying no to people. But I like this one so if you have others that you would like to share, send them to my email, please.
        P.S. If you have written pieces that fit the bill I’d be especially pleased – with or without an accompanying image.


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