Weekly Photo Challenge: MOTION


Taxi ride, late at night after too many drinks and too much cow, zipping along the sea front road of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Image includes blurry hotels, blurry cars and a slightly intoxicated and tired me (with my arm out of the window gripping my camera tightly for fear of dropping it out of the hurtling taxi).

Weekly Photo Challenge: MOTION


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: MOTION

    1. Thank you Hugh. I took quite a few out of the taxi (only this one of me – otherwise that’s a bit narcissistic). I’ll add them all to the bottom of this post when I get a chance. Quite fun sticking my arm out the window and experimenting in snapping away.

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    1. I don’t take selfies as I normally can’t fit my big cheeks within the frame. My arm must have been longer that night. And don’t get me started on them sticks!!

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            1. You have no idea. On some subjects I have a zero tolerance policy – racism, misogyny, physical abuse, genocide, selfie-stick wielders, and people who read E L James or Dan Brown. (Or those who complain about unnecessary Oxford Commas).

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              1. I am a serial comma user, and the Oxford comma, if read properly, can actually bring quite a lot of personality into something that might otherwise be rather mundane. And I’m from Oxford, so obviously I’m going to be on its side. I also agree with zero tolerance on all of the above.


                1. How did you even become friends with this monster? I know the stick is a recent invention, but surely the signs were there from the start.

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    1. 😊 I’m sensible enough not to try that. No, I was desperately hanging onto my camera while being thrown around as the taxi driver weaved between the traffic at high speed.

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  1. I am not person who favors selfies much. (Though I have my own selfi shot as profile:) But this is really cool one. Love the way outside blurred out with contrast to interior. Good one.


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