± His Popeness

As a devout and practicing atheist, it was with coincidence that I found myself in Plaza San Pietro on 13th March, 2013. The plaza was packed with bodies and the noise levels rose steadily in anticipation. All behaving politely to one another despite the jostling for position. All looking in a single direction, as people from across the globe shouted joyfully in a multitude of languages as they gathered to see one man. All worshipping at the altar of Catholicism.

It was completely lost on me. I pushed my way through the throng hoping to escape before he appeared and before the crowd descended into the inevitable mania. I was too late. The caterwauling lifted to a jarring level in my skull and I got the message; that he had come to the window. I found I was unable to avoid looking also. There he stood His Holiness Pope Francis. A mere dot of an Argentinian, dressed in purple and stood at a window, high up above the plaza.

I was unmoved, but not ignorant. I understood the frenzy, understood the importance to catch even the tiniest glimpse of that one, special person who can instil such unshakeable belief in a positive future.

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